If you knew Alistair and have not had the opportunity to sign a book of remembrance and wish to write a personal tribute, you can submit it via an e-mail to: armfinfo@gmail.com

The Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund or ARMF is a charity/charitable trust which provides financial subsidy to young people without the financial means who wish to go to Lourdes as volunteers to care for the disabled and terminally ill.


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Twice in his short life, Alistair travelled to Lourdes as a volunteer, caring for the sick and infirm. He found his experience there to be very humbling and profoundly rewarding.


ARMF was set up by Alistair’s family to give other young people the opportunity to have this experience. It is hoped that by doing so, something spiritually uplifting and beneficial may be born from Alistair’s untimely death.

Alistair Roberts was killed on December 19th 2001 in a car accident in France, one month before his 19th birthday. A former student of Ampleforth College, he had been working in Val d’Isere on his year off before going to university.


Some of the things people have said about Alistair:


“He made a difference, and few of any age can claim that. We may be diminished by his death but all of us have been enhanced by his life.”


“Alistair had a quiet dignity and immense courage born out of love and respect.”


“Alistair was and still remains one of life’s pure joys.”


“A gentle giant – a member of the big man’s club.”


“The responsible one who looked out for his friends all the time. One couldn’t fail to have a good time when together.”


“His friends and family were the most important thing in his life but he had so much love for everybody.”