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"Overall the best word to describe this trip is amazing"

A HCPT, Group 704, 2017 volunteer. More


“…also the joy, which they were able to have while in often deeply grave situations made me think about the value of life generally”

An Ampleforth, 2017 volunteer. More


“What actually happened was quite different form what I had expected”

A Newman House Group, Westminster 2017, funded volunteer. More


“I was truly honoured to assist an 18 year old young man who like me was also in Lourdes for the first time. We had great fun experiencing new places together… We both enjoyed the candlelit processions and singing songs on the plane where we even managed to get the air hostesses involved!”

A HCPT, Group 16, 2017 funded volunteer. More




“The spiritual enrichment that they all received from serving on the Lourdes pilgrimage was a joy to behold”

Sr. Carolyn Morrison RA Social Outreach Chaplain, CATHOLIC CHAPLAINCY for London’s Universities
The Catholic Chaplaincy to London’s Universities is an apostolate of the Diocese of Westminster. Registered Charity 233699.


“I made real, deep friendships throughout my week in Lourdes, with people my age and a lot older, both able and disabled, everyone was there for the same reason brought by the same love in their hearts”

An Ampleforth, 2017 volunteer. More


“Thanks to the Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund I was able to join the Ampleforth Lourdes Pilgrimage as a student nurse this summer.”

An Ampleforth, 2017 volunteer. More



HCPT Group 60's growth of you helpers is visible!


Group 60 had a trip to the zoo one day and went on le petit train.  Thank you!


"I thought last year was amazing I never expected to be completely blown away for a second time and even more so!"

A HCPT Group 60 volunteer, 2016. More


“…I was definitely rewarded with a fantastic experience and new lifelong friendships”. On behalf of a large group of young volunteers from HCPT’s Group 215, 2016. More


“I had a particularly special moment this year - invited to join a late night Grot Trot, a small group of us stood around the lit candles and prayed together as we lit candles and listened to one of the Chileans fill the space around us with sounds of the guitar and sung prayers. ”. An Ampleforth 2016 funded volunteer. More


“Following on from this, I have been volunteering with a local charity that works with disabled children and their families. I certainly feel that my work on the Lourdes pilgrimage helped to foster my interest in caring for the disabled”. An Ampleforth 2016 funded volunteer. More


“My HCPT group took six children on a week long pilgrimage where we prayed, played and grew as a group in the Holy Place of Lourdes.” An HCPT funded volunteer, 2016. More


“Working with the sick and elderly was great!” On behalf of a large group of young volunteers from the Westminster Pilgrimage, 2016.. More


“In April 2015 I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to take disadvantaged and disabled children to Lourdes for a week’s pilgrimage as a volunteer with the charity HCPT. Without the financial help from the Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund, I would have struggled to afford the trip. I am thus extremely grateful” Group 13, HCPT Easter volunteer, 2015. More


“… the candle light procession which was truly magical, as well as going to several masses in the massive underground church. However, these were different masses as they were child friendly, for example one mass we all went as different animals.” Group 13, HCPT Easter volunteer, 2015. More

“I had the most fun and rewarding, yet tiring week of my life and I loved it so much I hope to be going back again next year.” Group 376, HCPT Easter volunteer, 2015 More

“For me the week in Lourdes enables me to bring that essential focus back to life and the ability to concentrate on what really is important. Many people are not fortunate enough to have time like this to reflect and refocus in the hectic lives we lead”. An Ampleforth Hospitalitie funded volunteer, 2014 More

“Every pilgrimage is unique and special in its own way and always very different.”An Ampleforth Hospitalitie funded volunteer, 2014 More

“As a mother of six children and a group leader of a teen group, Alistair’s story has meant a lot to me”.  HCPT Group Leader 706 More

“We all came back very tired having had a fantastic and action-packed week”.

HCPT Group 179 Leader More


“…you don’t feel tired as helping the kids and seeing them come into their own, gives you a real buzz and re-energises you”.

A young helper from the HCPT, Merseyside Group 50.



“Its such a rewarding trip, it’s my favourite week of the year”.

A Westminster, funded volunteer 2012 more


“Your idea is so beautiful and simple, and it is truly transforming lives. …it is very rare that this spirit of service and selflessness is combined with deeply personal, spiritual experiences. People genuinely want to know about you and you genuinely want to know about them.

It felt so refreshing to be able to share my faith honestly and openly, especially with people my own age”.

An Ampleforth, funded volunteer 2012 More


“I can confess that I often feel weak in courage and uncertain in what to do when it comes to helping other people, especially those whom I have not met before. However, when in Lourdes, helping and serving others becomes one’s second nature”.

An Ampleforth, funded volunteer 2011 More


“It is something that has to be experienced first hand. It is without doubt a magical place that is beneficial not only to the children but to the helpers too”.

Various members of Group 706, HCPT, funded volunteers 2010 More


“One hospital pilgrim who I particularly enjoyed spending time with, was X, who was deaf and dumb. I realised that communication with the speaking world was very difficult for X. Often I would make up my own sign language with X and write to X. I had great fun finding a new way of communicating. X gave me a new look on the world, about how we live and communicate”.

An Ampleforth, funded volunteer 2010 More


“Lourdes was, infact, completely the opposite to what I expected…”

An Ampleforth, funded volunteer 2010 More


“Arriving in Lourdes is a strange experience, I myself got a few butterflies when we drove past the sign that welcomed us to the town again, it’s a feeling sometimes of coming home again, I miss it when I am not there, and its always fantastic to go back.…”

– Matthew Lowson, Hallam Diocese, funded volunteer 2009 More

“There are many things I have taken away with me, but here are a few… How we take things for granted, and to respect everyone who you may come across in life, despite their ‘differences’.  Everyone who I worked with was all full of life, and no one was out casted by anyone...!”

–Nicholas Wale, Group 706, HCPT, funded volunteer 2009


“Brilliant experience, one of the most memorable of my life”

–Owen Rodgers, Group 706, HCPT, funded volunteer 2009


“Great experience, so much fun…”

–Lian Mizrahi, Group 706, HCPT, funded volunteer 2009




“It is such a crucial and valuable time to put your life into perspective. To realise how amazingly lucky you are - to be able to run, to walk, even talk. Where else do you get this experience? I'm pretty sure its not in Ibiza or in front of a television…”

–Rory Fitzherbet, Ampleforth, funded volunteer 2009 More


“A great impact from the trip is my relaxed and rational mindset. I feel very calm and that anything is possible from schoolwork to other situations…”

– Senyo, funded volunteer 2008



“Yesterday we went to the mountains and the children made an enormous snowman…”

– Group 179, HCPT, funded volunteers 2008




“Going over to Lourdes has let me have a greater understanding of the people around me and more able to respect their views…”

– Piers, HCPT, funded volunteer 2008 More


“Thank you once again because I have met many people who have become influential in my life and for that I am very grateful and proud…”

– Denise, funded volunteer 2008 More


“Just when I think I've got it together my dad has a routine of coming over and giving me a hug telling me how proud he is I came, this makes me cry everytime…”

– Jenny, funded volunteer 2008 More


“When asked what has been the highlight and most moving experience of Lourdes so far. I began to reflect on mine. After giving it some thought I had decided that it was not an everyday experience but in fact a simple but yet incredibly deep conversation about experiences at the baths…”

– Holly, funded volunteer 2008 More




“Lourdes inspires an overwhelming sense of perspective; the enthusiasm and gratitude of hospital pilgrims, many of whom are suffering, cannot fail to lift your spirits…”

– Joe, funded volunteer 2007 More


" God Bless. Many, many thanks, Brenda..."

– Canning Town, Easter, 2007 More


"Another memorable moment was witnessing John Pope taking some of his first tentative steps after having been partially paralysed for some time..."

– Georgina, ARMF funded volunteer, 2007 More


“I believe that for the sick, time in Lourdes restores the dignity and respect that is so often taken away in everyday life....”

– Valerie Webster, Ampleforth Pilgrimage nurse, 2006 More


“When I went to Lourdes, I thought I was going there to give. But when I returned, I realised that I had received more than I could ever have given...”

– Grishma, ARMF funded volunteer 2005 More



"The theme this year was "You are special""

A HCPT Group 176, 2018 funded volunteer.  More


“Ledjo is non-verbal but his beaming smile tells us everything we need to know about how excited he is to be coming to Lourdes again”

HCPT Group 124, 2018 funded volunteer. More


“My trip to Lourdes will forever be an experience I treasure…”

HCPT Group 177, 2018 funded volunteer. More


“My experiences in Lourdes were life changing and truly humbling…”

A Westminster, 2018 funded volunteer. More


“I was lucky enough to be able to form a friendship with my malade (the person I cared for) who showed me such patience and a gentle personality (she is 96!). As it was my first time volunteering at Lourdes I made a few accidents along the way but her response really surprised me, it was with witty jokes and full of joy and laughter”

A Westminster, 2018 funded volunteer. More


“Before Lourdes, I was still very unsure in my faith and never really took it as an important part of my life, but upon returning I have changed my opinion and now it’s a central part in my life”

A BCYS (Youth Service for the Diocese of Brentwood), 2018 funded volunteer. More


“Although it was really hard work, I had a very happy week. The people in the wheelchairs were so nice to be with. I want to come back next year”

Gumley House Catholic School, 2018 Westminster, funded volunteers. More