The Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund, ARMF – helping young people to help others.


The Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund or ARMF is a charity/charitable trust which provides financial subsidy to

young people (16 - 30) without the financial means who wish to go to Lourdes as volunteers to care for the

disabled and terminally ill.


Charitable objects:

To advance in life and help young people through:

a) The provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare,

designed to improve their conditions of life;

b) Providing support and activities, which develop their skills capacities and capabilities to enable them to

participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.


Description of activities:

ARMF encourages the support of people who are suffering disabilities, mental or physical, financially helping the young people who care for those in need. Priority is given to young people between the ages of 16 and 30 of whatever creed, race or nationality, including in particular those who wish to provide this support in the

pilgrimage centres of Lourdes, France.


For further details about The Alistair Roberts Memorial Fund’s charity status please visit the charity commission

under charity number 1127010