ARMF is open to anybody under the age of thirty, no matter who they are or where they’re from.


Applicants to ARMF do not have to be Catholic nor is there religious bias in selection. However candidates must be committed to involving themselves physically and spiritually in a Catholic pilgrimage to Lourdes.


Applicants to ARMF do not have to be connected to Ampleforth but they must be prepared to act as volunteers with the Ampleforth pilgrimage if required. ARMF funding can be made available to applicants who wish to volunteer with other pilgrimages to Lourdes.


ARMF exists to help those who genuinely lack the financial means personally and/or the recourse to those financial means e.g. through a family member.


The main object of the Fund is to give the experience of Lourdes to those young people who have never been before and who cannot fund the pilgrimage.  The Trustees would like to remind applicants that those applying for the second time will only be considered after decisions about first time applicants have been confirmed.  ARMF only provides repeat bursaries to candidates in exceptional circumstances, and even then only if that year’s budget allows it once first time applications that year have been considered.


The amount ARMF awards, contributes towards the volunteer’s transportation and lodging with the chosen pilgrimage. This is expected to be between £100-500.  Applicants should make every effort to raise funds themselves in any way possible (sponsored walk, car wash etc).


It is a condition of funding that candidates be available to help with the transportation of the sick from the UK to Lourdes and back again.


If you would like to apply for funding please click on the link below.


The application deadline for both Easter and Summer pilgrimages is 1st March, annually.


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