When ARMF launched in 2002, the target was £100,000. Thanks to the many who have helped, that figure has been dramatically exceeded. At November 2018 the fund had reached a staggering £251,212. £90,195 has been spent on sponsoring 375 volunteers.


It costs over £500 per person for the week in Lourdes. Since 2003 we have been able to take up to ten young volunteers each year. However, often more than ten apply for financial support. Given that the ARMF operates on the annual interest of the capital raised, it is imperative that we continue fund-raising if we are to meet demand.


The ARMF trustees, committee and Alistair’s parents would like to say THANK YOU to everybody who has helped make ARMF a reality. Your generosity and support is humbling and has allowed many to share in a life changing experience. It is also a wonderful tribute to Alistair.


“From the pensioner who gave what she could spare, to the nun who pressed 10 euros into my hand in Lourdes, to the young friend who asked that all the money which people would have spent on presents for his 21st birthday be donated to the fund, to the parent who gave £5,000, people from all walks of life have shown their support. We are immensely grateful. Thank you so much.” – Jane Roberts


“We as a family feel privileged, despite our grief at the loss of a son and brother, to have witnessed the good that has come from the appeal. God has asked a great deal of us, but in return has shown how wonderful human kindness and love can be. The mutual benefit to the sick pilgrims and the young volunteers who, without the financial support of the fund, would not be able to spend a week in Lourdes, is immeasurable. No matter how great or small the donation, we thank you for continuing to make ARMF a reality.” – Kim Roberts


Special thanks must go to……

Alice Warrender, Larry Swan, John Heaton-Armstrong, Oliver Biggs, James Graham-Brown, Joseph Hill, Fr. Henry Wansborough, Charles McKain-Bremner, Emma Fry, Dr. Brian Klug, Ed Hickman and James Maskey, St. Mary’s School Ascot, Rita McAllister-Jones, the staff of SRG in Slough, Val Marsden, Melanie Fowler, Jock Leslie, Sue and Andy Cole, Bernadette Klepacz, Margaret and Roger Carey, Sue Beresford, Fr. Edward, Edgar Maddicott, Charlie Dixon, James Johnson-Ferguson, Margaret Beckett, David Gower, England RFU, Oxford University Rugby Club, Chiltern Rugby Club, Mayfield School, New Hall School, Reverend Teehan Page, Tonbridge School, Julie Hosker, Jane Lamb, Thorpe House Prep School, Aylesbury Rugby Football Club, the Davies family, the Armour family, the Hall family, the Whitaker family, Mo Noble, Davina Bridgeman, Louisa Stevens, Laura Palmer, Helen Bowen-Wright, St. Martin’s Ampleforth, John Whitaker, William Hobbs, Hugo Nisbett, Andrew Dean, Fr, Jeremy, Fr. Hugh, St. Hugh’s House Ampleforth, Annabel Brown, Catherine Armour, Clare Armour, Mervyn Davies, St. Mary’s School Shaftesbury, Rory Henderson, the Grant Foundation, Mr. Bob Travers (in memory of Eve), Rory Henderson, Fr. Thomas Lavin’s parish at SS. Peter & Paul, Ilford, Essex, Ampleforth Abbey Shop, St Joseph's Parish, Gerrard's Cross, Uppingham School, Graham Stonehouse, David Allot, Forte Charitable Trust, Beaverbrook Foundation, P.C.C. St. Nicholas, Churchill Accountants, The Syder Foundation, JFH Charitable Trust, Mrs. J. Austin, Delta Force, Will Hickman, Mike Cumming-Bruce and Annabel Brown.


….. for their time, effort, generosity and imagination in raising funds for ARMF.


ARMF trustees: Alex Roberts, Andrew Roberts, Fr Gabriel Everitt OSB, Lucy Rowan-Robinson

ARMF committee: Stephanie McAlpine,

 Sara Steuart-Feilding, Teresa Ptaszynska

We appreciate that there are myriad worthy organisations asking for your support. If however you would like to contribute to ARMF, here are some suggestions.


Personal donation

All donations, however small, are gratefully received.


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If you are planning a fundraising activity please contact us with the details.